Can a Physiotherapist Cure Headaches?

Most often everyone suffers from unexpected headaches. However, before you start taking headaches painkillers, don’t you think that it would be of great importance to find out and as well fix the cause of the constant headaches so as to stop it from occurring regularly or at least reduce its severity?

Headaches are mostly caused by restrictions within the spine and sometimes due to bad posture or work stresses. Few may ask why restrictions within the spine could cause headaches. Owing to this, when there are some certain restrictions within the spine, the blood vessels and the nerves that are associated with the structures in the head region tends to suffer from insufficient blood supply which in turn stiffens the muscles thus, causing headaches.

However, there are different types of headaches which the most common amongst all are the tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches and migraines. Sometimes people experiences tension headaches due to the squeezing pressure around the head. While migraines are more severe and are normally described as a throbbing pain. Also, the cervicogenic headache which is related to the spine sometimes causes most tension headaches.

Furthermore, tension headaches can be caused by stress, anxiety, depression, eye-strain, and too much exposure to sunshine. Additionally, they can be caused by involuntary movements like grinding your teeth at night or jaw clenching which in turn develops a temporo-mandibular joint pain.



The tension headaches on one or both sides of the head are commonly caused by bad posture. Bad posture which may be poor neck positioning would cause strain on the neck, and would in turn pinch a nerve thus, reducing blood supply to the head.

In such cases, the physiotherapist can teach you exercises that will help to correct your posture and discard the cause of your muscle strain. Also, tension headaches shouldn’t be ignored or over-treated with painkillers which are only meant a brief pain relief.


Any tension or pinched nerve caused type of headache often complies to responds physiotherapy treatment techniques. At first, the physiotherapist will spend time to discuss with you about your medical history, headaches and how they’ve been affecting your daily life.

At the end of the consultation, the physiotherapist will design a course of treatment that best suits to your problem. This may include therapeutic massage to free any pinched nerves in other to boost the healthy blood flow to your head and neck muscles which would in turn reduce the pain.

NOTE – Spinal restrictions is not the cause of all headaches and it’s recommended that you should consult our Physiotherapist before proceeding with any treatments. The physiotherapist at Adelaide
will conduct both physical, orthopedic and neurological tests to know the situation of your spine.

Furthermore, the physiotherapists have been noted over the past years because of their extensive and archived success in relieving pains associated with headaches without utilizing any form medications. Owing to this, their services has been proved to be safe and effective as well as involving a lesser side effects when compared to using other common painkillers. While some patients will experience almost immediate relief from their headache, others are most likely to experience a gradual reduction in the severity which is dependent on the on the nature and intensity of their problem.

Lastly, for the people who’ve been victimized by tension headaches for many years, a visit to our local physiotherapist Adelaide could change your life!

Sports Physiotherapy in Sydney

Evoker offers a premium quality physiotherapy service in the Sydney CBD that uses effective ‘hands -on’ therapies to improve your quality of life and reduce the pain you are experiencing. Our Sydney Physio Clinic with modern and updated facilities and an experienced team, are committed to helping you with your health and wellbeing.

We are conveniently located in the Grafton Bond Building in the northern hub of Sydney’s CBD, just a short walk to Circular Quay and Wynyard bus terminal and train station. Our clinic has updated facilities using the latest technology and is a warm and professional environment.

sports physio sydney
Sports Physio Sydney

At Evoker, our Sports physio Sydney offers a range of treatments including general physiotherapy, manipulative physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, exercise prescription and programming and cervical pillow assessment.

Our goal with sports physio is to ‘to get you to the stage where you are able to compete at your maximum potential, in your chosen sport, in the shortest possible time frame’.

We understand that many people living in the busy Sydney CBD are active and we have several years experience dealing with elite athletes. Evoker’s team know how to help sportsmen and sportswomen and their specialised needs.

Whether you are an elite athlete or are active for fun and fitness, you can be confident that Evoker can help you. No matter the sport or injury, we want see you active and playing in the shortest possible time frame. We also have connections to other health care professionals enabling all athletes in our care to access to the highest level of injury management from a range of specialists.

If you have a sports related injury, or are wanting to return to your chosen sport, you can contact Kate on 9252 2433 to book an initial consultation with Evoker Physiotherapy.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Quick recuperation from surgery could be envisaged when patients undergo a strict discipline in a physiotherapeutic program designed for the specific injury conducted by physio Malaysia employing the available state of the art equipment at their disposal, which would help free and active movement of the affected part of the anatomy again.

Physiotherapy has been in existence for many millennia and doctors of yore conducted programs during that era employing crude equipment because technology was either not developed or was at its nascent stage, but today the Looking for a Physio in Malaysia?scenario has changed drastically and modern technology has been researched and developed (R&D), to produce some of the very best scientifically advanced equipment that are quickening recovery in patients with help from physio Malaysia the first choice in the business.

A series of physical movements employing mechanical force derived from the most modern state of the art equipment is what physiotherapy does to the affected area, especially joints, muscles, tissue and even cartilage enabling the healing process to accelerate. The simple science behind physiotherapy is that when injuries of the above nature occurs these parts of the anatomy tend to experience a stiffness and rigidness which could be helped to stretch and or bent so that the original movements are restored again and free movement is possible.

Qualified, trained and experienced physio Malaysia has the expertise to tailor make specific physiotherapeutic programs and disciplines which would address specific areas and with the right type of exercises the patient’s recovery could be positive and encouraging.

It has been recognized that physiotherapy programs professionally conducted by qualified, trained and experienced physio Malaysia have had beneficial effects on patients who have suffered severe injuries and are recuperating either with or without surgery.

The valuable physiotherapeutic inputs that the patients who have consulted physio Malaysia have received over the years have held them in good stead and been highly beneficial to them and have got them on the path to recovery sooner than later with some having recovered fully and that too at a very quick pace.

When regular physiotherapy sessions are conducted on a patient who has limited movement in their limbs or joints due to injury or otherwise physio Malaysia with their experience are able to pinpoint the right areas and concentrate the physiotherapeutic actions exactly at those areas which in turn over a planned period of time would get those areas back to its old self again.
The other advantage and benefit that it has is that, there is no need for strong medications which could have severe side effects in some patients, but in physiotherapy this is generally eliminated and most of the recuperation is limited to bearable and easy exercises.

Selecting the right physio Malaysia to get over your physiotherapy issues would be in your better interests and going through the complete program is also advisable, because terminating the program midway through, could aggravate the issue and the patient may have to return to surgery again hence completing and recovering fully is what any doctor would advise.

What is Podiatry?


Podiatry is also known as Chiropody, which is a branch medical field related to study of diseases or disorders of foot and ankle. This term was first used in the 20th century by doctors of USA and now is being used by doctors of all around the world. The basic aim of this study is to show the relation of foot with other parts of our body such as back, hip, and knee.

How Our Feet Can Affect Our Body:

A foot is the most important part of our body (Like all other parts). A foot is important in our life, it helps us to move, stand and walk. When we walk outside our houses, we wear shoes to keep our foot safe from rigid roads and stones. There are many common foot problems which can stop us or slow down us for doing what we do.

  • Blisters
  • Ageing Feet
  • Corns and Callus
  • Diabetes
  • Heel Pain

Blister is a disease in which a small circle of skin is fluid, mostly cause by rubbing forcefully. Heel Pain is also very common problem related to foot which causes pain in the person who is suffering from it. People who are suffering diabetes can also suffer different foot problems as well. All above disease can hurt our feet in different ways, they can either cause loss of sensation in our feet or it can lead to itching, peeling area of skin and scaling. Out feet can affect out whole body, directly or in directly as they are attached with different parts of our body. They can affect our back and legs as well (ever noticed because of your walking style, you often get tired early? Yeah right this is the reason I said do care of your feet.)

What does Podiatrist say?

A Podiatrist who is also known as podiatric physician is a doctor whose study is devoted to the field of Podiatry. That person specializes in surgeries related to foot and ankles and foot disorders as well. People are being very hard on their feet by walking hundreds of steps, wearing high heels and tight shoes. Nobody is giving enough attention to their feet as they deserve. We often treat our feet as just a minor part of our body like we will not cut our feet nail on time, not drying our feet after taking shower and not wearing shoes while going to rigid or rusted places. There all are the things that can affect our feet in different ways. We need to follow some steps to prevent disease which are caused by these things we do – don’t do mostly.

Below are some tips given by different foot specialist for your feet care.

  1. Don’t ever use your gym shower without wearing proper shoes because the floors of these bathrooms are a big time breeding ground for fungus. So having shower or using it without any flip flops or shoes can lead you to athlete’s foot.
  2. Do not wear pointy pumps because they can cause bunions and make walking painful. If your second toe is the bigger toe, then there are more chances that you will get bunions easily.
  3. If you feel like your nails are being discolored or thicker, you should not just neglect it because this can be a clue that you are affected by fungus. So use proper medication to help cure this disease.
  4. Use deodorant for your feet as well, it helps to prevent smell which is caused by sweat glands.
  5. You need to put sun block to the upper side of your feet because it prevents your feet from being affected by cancer.
  6. Always air out your shoes after wearing them for some time, which will help to stop bacteria from growing.
  7. If you ever see a blister pop up on your skin, do not ever pop it by yourself, just try to cover it up with some bandage. This popped blister can cause vulnerable injuries, just so you know.
  8. Sweaty feet can cause different problems such as cracked heels, fungal infection and lizard-like skin. To minimize this thing you need to put some sprays which can help prevent those diseases. adelaide podiatrist

Our experienced Adelaide Podiatrist has been treating patients for the past 15 years.

Sporting Injury Clinics in St Kilda

St Kilda is a small suburb in Melbourne, Australia. The local government is the City of Port Phillip. The neighborhood of St Kilda has a lot of amenities to visit. There are also a lot of festivals and events during the year that attract tourists from the whole continent.

Places to visit and things to see in St Kilda

In the places that you must visit are Luna Park, Palais Theatre, The Esplanade Market, Acland Street, Fitzroy Street, etc. If you are a tourist then you have to visit them and enjoy in what they have to offer to you. The St Kilda Festival is one of the most visited events every year, where millions of visitors come to the place. The neighborhood is not satisfied with the noise and the crowd, but these types of events make the place famous.

Sports injuries and their affection on your health

Since sports may cause a lot of injuries and may affect your health, you, as a sport person need to know few things before getting any injury. First of all you need the appropriate surface, whether you run, play tennis, football, volleyball or basketball. Also you will need an appropriate training, which means that you need to know how to perform some movements in order not to gain an injury. Lifting weight in the wrong manner can cause exactly that. So, why having troubles with pain and injuries after, when you can know and practice these things before.
Some of the injuries may be caused if the person runs long distances too quickly or is not having enough rest, so it is important to have some pauses in between because the human body needs to regenerate strength, energy and power.

Appropriate training at the physiotherapy center in St Kilda

The appropriate training at Physiotherapy St Kilda allows the patients to measure the intensity of it and gradually increase it. Also there are pauses between trainings in order for the body to recover. It is important to practice this because in that way you will avoid overuse injuries.

Programs for injuries

The Physio St Kilda has programs for spinal and sports injuries. These programs can be followed directly in the center with the help of Physiotherapist St Kilda. Eating well, preparing psychologically, following the instructions of the appropriate programs and being prepared, will help you prevent injuries. The center in St Kilda works exactly with this.

Treating the sports injuries in the center

The Sports Physio St Kilda is the place where you can treat the sports injuries. The Balaclava center was opened in 1978 and provides a quality health and physiotherapy care since then.

The Sports Physiotherapists St Kilda  are well trained and professional in the assessment of a wide variety of injuries, neck pains, sport injuries, strains, and lot more providing treatments with soft tissue techniques, manipulation, mobilization, exercise prescription, electrotherapy, practicing, acupuncture and rehabilitation pilates.

They also work with other health professionals like masseurs, podiatrists, physiologists, personal trainers and doctors in order to focus on the healing process of the patient.

The Sports physiotherapy St Kilda is widely known in the area and all the sports people visit it whenever they get some injuries. It is recognizable by its great services and excellent treatments.

Strive for good health

Doctor MelbourneThere are times when a visit to the doctor can’t wait, especially with children. Accidents happen and fevers can quickly escalate. Sick children are seen promptly and same day appointments are available for those unanticipated emergencies with the doctor East Bentleigh. It’s just one of the reasons the award-winning practice has become a primary destination for patients of all ages.

The practice’s professionals work closely with hospitals and specialists, an attribute for which the clinic was recently recognized. Practitioners maintain an extensive network of specialists and can refer clients when needed, and provide assistance with care planning and allied health professionals.

A full complement of medical and physiotherapy services are combined under one roof for a one-stop health care solution. Appointments can be made by phone, online or with the clinic’s convenient app. Wait times are short, a feature that’s especially important in today’s busy world.

Patients are the center of attention at all times at Strive Health Services and receive their physician’s undivided attention. The practice has a focus on prevention and teaching patients how to avoid becoming ill. When immediate or chronic illnesses do arise, patients receive whole patient care that treats all facets of their problem, not just symptoms.

Chronic disease is one of the greatest challenges facing patients and those in the medical profession. The practice can create a complete treatment and management plan to improve quality of life for those with chronic diseases ranging from asthma to osteoporosis.

Fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our patients have the ability to remain at home while being monitored for an array of conditions, from lung function and hearing tests to ECG and blood pressure recording. In-home and nursing home visits, along with palliative care can be arranged.

The practice provides care for all ages and all stages of life. Skin cancer clinics, counselling and weight management programs are offered, along with pre-natal and family planning assistance. For those who enjoy travel and enjoy the lure of the unknown, immunisations are offered and travel advice keeps patients abreast of potential health hazards and disease outbreaks.

Life doesn’t wait and neither do patients at our clinic. Personalized care, treatment and management are a priority with every patient. Medical and physiotherapy combine at Mackie Road for a whole health solution throughout each patient’s life.

Are you eating right?

As one of the many services provided at Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic, we are proud to offer dietetics. The advice of a dietician is invaluable in assisting people to understand their nutritional needs, and to plan appropriate diets and menus to address specific concerns.

We also plan, implement and evaluate nutrition programs within groups such as community health, corporate environments, or food industry settings.

In addition to support for general healthy eating and meal plans, dieticians can provide assistance to those suffering from a variety of nutritional issues such as food intolerances and allergies, cardiovascular disease, diabetes (Type 1, Type 2 and gestational), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and gut problems (FODMAP diet, Inflammatory Bowel disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Coeliac disease, reflux and constipation).

Our dieticians can also offer advice and support for nutrition during pregnancy, nutrition specifically for children, and sports nutrition for high level athletes in order to enhance their training and performance. We also offer yoga near Mulgrave.

At Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic, our dietician is private health insurance accredited. Also, check with your GP to see if you are eligible for a Medicare referral (EPC – Enhanced Primary Care Plan) to minimise your out of pocket expenses.

Waverley Central Chiropractic Clinic is located at 468 Springvale Rd in Glen Waverley and can be contacted on (03) 9545 0278.

The difference between massage and myotherapy

Remedial-MassageMany patients are confused about the difference between massage and myotherapy. Simply put, massage is a tool used in myotherapy to alleviate pain, restore function, address the needs of clients with chronic illnesses and accelerate rehabilitation.

Therapeutic massage relieves pain, promotes circulation and works with the body’s own abilities to accelerate healing. It aids in removing toxins from the body, stimulates the immune system and increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients. Remedial Massage Dandenong Ranges is safe for women during pregnancy and enhances athletic performance.

It’s effective for those who have developed scar tissue and in an extensive array of chronic diseases. Massage keeps soft tissues flexible, helps maintain a range of motion and improves mobility. It’s an important element in stress management and is effective in addressing depression, anxiety, PMS and migraine headaches.

Clinical myotherapists employ multiple methods and techniques to treat patients.

Massage is one technique and others include:

  • Dry needling/trigger point therapy is similar to acupuncture. It’s used to address tense and knotted muscles and neurological conditions. It helps flush toxins, and increases circulation and oxygenation. The techniques reduce pain and swelling, aligns the spine, and addresses dysfunction.
  • Myofascial release loosens the thick tissue surrounding bones and muscles. It helps maintain range of motion, flexibility and improves posture.
  • Heat therapy helps reduce pain, muscle spasms and keeps soft tissues flexible.
  • Cryotherapy utilizes cold to reduce inflammation and treat acute injuries. It reduces blood flow and is beneficial for swollen and bruised areas.
  • TENS therapy/electrotherapy stimulates nerves with low-level electric current to treat acute and chronic conditions. The method relieves pain and helps maintain nerve and soft tissue health.
  • Cupping is a technique in which cups are adhered to the skin through suction or heat to increase blood flow to areas experiencing pain.
  • Spinal mobilisation enhances joint function and benefits the nervous system.
  • Prescription exercise is specially designed movements to strengthen muscles and soft tissue throughout the body. It’s critical for rehabilitation and addressing limited motion associated with chronic conditions that includes arthritis. Clinical Pilates is one form of prescription exercise that is focused on strengthening the core and pelvic floor. It aids in pain relief and enhances stability and balance.

Myotherapists have access to massage and other techniques, all of which can be used as stand-alone therapies or in conjunction with others to create the best outcomes for patients.