Can a Physiotherapist Cure Headaches?

Most often everyone suffers from unexpected headaches. However, before you start taking headaches painkillers, don’t you think that it would be of great importance to find out and as well fix the cause of the constant headaches so as to stop it from occurring regularly or at least reduce its severity?

Headaches are mostly caused by restrictions within the spine and sometimes due to bad posture or work stresses. Few may ask why restrictions within the spine could cause headaches. Owing to this, when there are some certain restrictions within the spine, the blood vessels and the nerves that are associated with the structures in the head region tends to suffer from insufficient blood supply which in turn stiffens the muscles thus, causing headaches.

However, there are different types of headaches which the most common amongst all are the tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches and migraines. Sometimes people experiences tension headaches due to the squeezing pressure around the head. While migraines are more severe and are normally described as a throbbing pain. Also, the cervicogenic headache which is related to the spine sometimes causes most tension headaches.

Furthermore, tension headaches can be caused by stress, anxiety, depression, eye-strain, and too much exposure to sunshine. Additionally, they can be caused by involuntary movements like grinding your teeth at night or jaw clenching which in turn develops a temporo-mandibular joint pain.



The tension headaches on one or both sides of the head are commonly caused by bad posture. Bad posture which may be poor neck positioning would cause strain on the neck, and would in turn pinch a nerve thus, reducing blood supply to the head.

In such cases, the physiotherapist can teach you exercises that will help to correct your posture and discard the cause of your muscle strain. Also, tension headaches shouldn’t be ignored or over-treated with painkillers which are only meant a brief pain relief.


Any tension or pinched nerve caused type of headache often complies to responds physiotherapy treatment techniques. At first, the physiotherapist will spend time to discuss with you about your medical history, headaches and how they’ve been affecting your daily life.

At the end of the consultation, the physiotherapist will design a course of treatment that best suits to your problem. This may include therapeutic massage to free any pinched nerves in other to boost the healthy blood flow to your head and neck muscles which would in turn reduce the pain.

NOTE – Spinal restrictions is not the cause of all headaches and it’s recommended that you should consult our Physiotherapist before proceeding with any treatments. The physiotherapist at Adelaide
will conduct both physical, orthopedic and neurological tests to know the situation of your spine.

Furthermore, the physiotherapists have been noted over the past years because of their extensive and archived success in relieving pains associated with headaches without utilizing any form medications. Owing to this, their services has been proved to be safe and effective as well as involving a lesser side effects when compared to using other common painkillers. While some patients will experience almost immediate relief from their headache, others are most likely to experience a gradual reduction in the severity which is dependent on the on the nature and intensity of their problem.

Lastly, for the people who’ve been victimized by tension headaches for many years, a visit to our local physiotherapist Adelaide could change your life!

Sports Physiotherapy in Sydney

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Sports Physio Sydney

At Evoker, our Sports physiotherapy Sydney offers a range of treatments including general physiotherapy, manipulative physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, exercise prescription and programming and cervical pillow assessment.

Our goal with sports physio is to ‘to get you to the stage where you are able to compete at your maximum potential, in your chosen sport, in the shortest possible time frame’.

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Whether you are an elite athlete or are active for fun and fitness, you can be confident that Evoker can help you. No matter the sport or injury, we want see you active and playing in the shortest possible time frame. We also have connections to other health care professionals enabling all athletes in our care to access to the highest level of injury management from a range of specialists.

If you have a sports related injury, or are wanting to return to your chosen sport, you can contact Kate on 9252 2433 to book an initial consultation with Evoker Physiotherapy.